Top 10 Tips for Students in the Riccarton Area

Use the tips below for Student living.


Party Register:

Register your parties on the Good One website here. We want to help by giving advice so their party does not turn bad or cause problems for neighbours. 

Good One Party Tips




Bonfires are NOT allowed. eCan will instantly issue a $300.00 fine.





No AlcoholLiquor Ban:

It's a big NO to drink in the public area. You will receive a $250.00 fine if you breach this law.






MatesLook after your mates:

Help them if they are too drunk to look after themselves or doing something stupid.





Record your Serial numbers, UV marking is offered at UCSA or Security. Make sure you lock your house and keep your property safe.




Car break-inTheft from cars:

Don’t leave valuables visible in cars, or try to remove all valuables from your car.




PoliceReport all suspicious activity:

Report strangers visiting your flat to Police. Use 111 at the time it is happening or (03) 363 7400 if you're calling afterwards.




housesGo meet your neighbours:

It helps stop problems later if they know who you are and see that you are good people. They will be less likely to make complaints about you. It's also just a good thing to do.




School fairGet involved:

Try out community activities: school fairs, fete's, local markets, community concerts etc. Make a good name for Uni students in the community by being positively involved.








Police are there to help - Call them early before problems get big


•  Phone 111 if things are getting out-of-hand  •